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2024 Window Treatment Trends

2024 Window Treatment Trends

New Year, new window treatments! As we enter 2024, Hunter Douglas window treatment trends in home decor are ever-evolving, seamlessly fusing functionality with aesthetics to tailor your living space into a personalized sanctuary. Let’s unravel the latest window treatment trends to inspire the revamping of how we dress our windows this year. Let’s open the curtains on a year of creativity, style, and design evolution. 

Sustainable Style: Shades For Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly Living window treatments 2024

One 2024 window treatment trend in demand revolves around reducing energy and sustainable materials and fabrics. Bring on the new year with resolutions towards a more environmentally friendly home!

  • Woven Wood Shades: Woven from sustainably sourced materials such as woods, reeds, grasses, and bamboo. These natural elements build warmth with its organic style. Take advantage of the top and bottom treatments to control light entering your home entirely. 
  • Roller Shades: The Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades combines two fabrics of a roller shade with a second layer of insulating fabric. By filtering rays, this unique double-layer design brings in a warm, luminous light for comfort all year long. 
  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades: The energy-efficient honeycomb design traps air in distinct pockets, adding a layer of insulation. Save on heating and cooling costs by keeping the intense heat from the warmer months out and trapping it in the colder months. 

window treatment trends Expressive Interiors: Adding Personality with Colors & Patterns

Looking for a way to add more character to your home? Then, it’s time to switch out the not-so-exciting neutrals and incorporate colors and patterns to bring your space to life. 

  • Roman Shades: Choose different fold styles and sizes and textured fabrics to elevate the look of your windows this new year. 
  • Design Studio™ Roman Shades: This 2024 window treatment trend will allow you to get creative and add charm to your space. Pick from three different styles and a wide array of luxurious fabrics, colors, solid or striped. Combine the Roman Shades with side panels and drapery to take it to the next level.

Transcendent Simplicity: Embracing Minimalist Elegance with Sheer Shades window covering trends

For those looking for a more minimalistic window treatment trend, Sheer Shades are a perfect option to keep your home elegant and sleek with this clean design. 

  • Sheer Shades: The simplicity of the design adds an inviting and airy look but also allows you to focus more on other elements of your home. These shades balance letting in the natural light without invading privacy. Take a more delicate approach with the sheer trend and add a soft touch to your space.

Intelligent Elegance: The Future of Home Design with Smart Window Treatments

Smart window treatments are a must for 2024 window treatment trends. Upgrade your home and step into a world where innovation and sophistication combine to create convenience in your everyday life. In this new age, cutting-edge technology continues to advance for our benefit. Easily program your shades and control light coming into your home on your schedule. 

  • PowerView Automation: Motorize your shades and operate them with the following: 
    • Use the Pebble® Remote Control or voice activation for at-home use by connecting PowerView to a smart-home system such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.
    • For on-the-go scheduling, use the PowerView® App to customize scenes to move your shades to your preferred positions or schedule the shades to move seamlessly with the sunrise and sunset. 

The 2024 window treatment trend landscape is a vibrant mix of innovation, sustainability, and personal expression. From smart, automated solutions to eco-friendly materials, homeowners are embracing diverse trends to elevate their spaces. Cheers to a year of transformative trends that make every window a canvas for individuality and creativity!